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The project is located in the south of Jiangnan Sandao Street, east of Lianhuahu Road, and north of Jiangnan Sidao Street; with a total area of ​​84,100 square meters, the green area rate is 35%. The planned total construction area is 200,000 square meters.

In the middle of 2023, due to the decline in the level of economic prosperity, it is expected that the policy will be introduced and the market sentiment will heat up due to the heat. []

To lower the price, the intermediary resorted to a variety of tactics, such as recruiting actors to pretend to inspect the house and give the price, so as to influence the owner's mentality. []

On June 13, the People's Bank of China carried out a 2 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation through interest rate bidding, and the winning bid rate was 1.90%, which was 10 basis points lower than the previous 2.00%. []

In May 2023, the sales price of newly-built commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities will drop down from the previous month. []

Judging the current real estate status and future trends, calls for saving the property market and saving the economy are endless. After experiencing a small spring in the real estate market this year, the real estate market ushered in a surge and then fell back, and many data indicators fell short of expectations. The official interpretation is that, although in general, real estate development and construction are still[]

Source of content: Guangyu spits out the real estate market Whether it is real estate or China's economy, the discussion on whether it should be rescued is heating up, and many experts have discussed it. Looking forward to the evening, many people are looking forward to the interest rate cut. Is there any signal for the subsequent rescue of the market? To maintain reasonable liquidity in the banking system[]

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in May, the sales price of new commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities fell back from the previous month, and second-hand housing fell from the previous month. []

The 2-year fixed deposit interest rate fell by 10 basis points, and the 3-year and 5-year fixed deposit interest rates fell by 15 basis points. []

Is it good to be on the water side? Before buying a house, home buyers will ask, on the water side, as a word-of-mouth market for Mudanjiang house buyers, on the water side, at the intersection of Ning'an New Street and Wentian Street, between the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the location of the project can know the surrounding area. …

Anyone who violates the regulations will be held accountable and punished severely. []

In fact, compared with commercial loans, interest rate provident fund loans are a cost-effective choice for ordinary home buyers. []

With intensified industry reshuffle and competition for core land in hot cities, the real estate market is undergoing tremendous changes. []

Recently, A-share metaverse concept stocks have been in the limelight. Off the court, a boom was formed. Not long ago, Adrian Cheng, Hong Kong real estate tycoon and CEO of New World Development Group, spent US$5 million to buy a "land" in the sandbox game The Sandbox. $228 million in virtual transactions The Sandbox, an Ethereum blockchain sandbox game. Sandbox games are currently one of the metaverse landing carriers. Like previous sandbox games, players can design and create various game scenes and links in the editor The Sandbox, but

Original Title: The "Real Estate Ownership Certificate" of the first land space in Guangzhou issued a pilot trial of intensive use of land space to open up new ideas Yangcheng Evening News reporter Luo Shi, correspondents Fan Xuan and Xing Qixin reported: Recently, Guangdong Taitai Technology Group Co., Ltd. received The "Real Property Certificate" for the overhead corridor between the two factory buildings of the company is the first above-ground space "Real Property Certificate" in Guangzhou, marking a new step in the intensive use of land space in Guangzhou. It is reported that Guangdong Taitai Technology Group Co., Ltd.

China Consumer News Shenyang News (Reporter Wang Wenyu) Recently, a reporter from "China Consumer News" learned that to optimize the housing provident fund withdrawal service and solve the problem of people's "anxiety" in handling affairs, the Shenyang Housing Provident Fund Management Center follows the principle of "should be withdrawn as much as possible". From December 1st, employees who cannot continue to pay housing provident funds will return the stored funds in time, simplify the withdrawal procedures of housing provident funds for employees, and create a "no certificate" withdrawal mode for employees to handle affairs. Li Luping, deputy director of Shenyang Housing Provident Fund Management Center, introduced that in the future,

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Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Yuxia is less than half a month away from the end of 2021, and the battle for buyers in the Guangzhou property market continues. In terms of supply, not only are new projects in the peripheral areas on sale, but new projects in Haizhu, Liwan and Tianhe central areas are actively competing for the market. Over 10,000 units of new supply are added every month in the city, which makes developers relax in the slightest to promote sales. During this month, some hot-selling properties in the city, such as Jinyu Xifu, Asian Games City, Whampoa Central City, Poly Tianhui, and Zhujiang Huacheng, launched new products, attracting customers.

Recently, the Central Economic Work Conference held in Beijing has aroused the attention of all circles of society. Next year's real estate market regulation ideas, the meeting proposed that we should adhere to the positioning that houses are for living, not for speculation, strengthen expectations and guidance, explore development models, adhere to both rental and purchase, accelerate the development of the rental market, promote the construction of affordable housing, and support the commercial housing market To fully meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers, the city implements policies to promote a virtuous cycle and development of the real estate industry. Industry experts believe that the past

When you mention the "Metaverse", what do you think of? Did a dozen emperors form the "Asia's First Heavenly Group" during the Yuan Dynasty? Or is it the beginning of Pan Gu's creation of the universe? On December 8 this year, "Bitter Words" announced that among the "Top Ten Buzzwords of 2021", "Metaverse" was honorably selected. It means the interactive virtual world in the real world. This piece of pure land real estate is eyeing. The first explosion of real estate in the "Metaverse" was in November this year, and virtual games

Just like buying a house yourself, buyers choose real estate

Although people always say that you can’t be blind, if you refer to some popular real estate rankings before buying a house in Mudanjiang, you can find a new house that suits you quickly, and the masses will always have sharp eyes. Now there are so many new houses in Mudanjiang, the total number of real estate is 166, of which 92 are for sale, to be…

At present, the average price of new houses in Mudanjiang in July is 5,317 yuan/㎡, which is the same as that of last month. The price trend has potential in the future. At this price, home buyers want to buy a house, and it is very easy to choose a property that suits them. Under the current background of house purchase restrictions in Mudanjiang, how to maximize the use of house tickets,…

Is it good to be on the water side? Before buying a house, home buyers will ask, on the water side, as a word-of-mouth market for Mudanjiang house buyers, on the water side, at the intersection of Ning'an New Street and Wentian Street, between the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the location of the project can know the surrounding area. …

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Nowadays, there are many factors that affect living, such as greening rate, floor area ratio, and building spacing. Various details need to be paid attention to by home buyers. Therefore, I would like to introduce Star Korean International City to you. This real estate was built by Ning'an Huafeng Investment Co., Ltd., and it can accommodate…

The development speed of Mudanjiang in recent years is obvious to all. After the local people want to buy a house, it has attracted the attention of many surrounding investors. Nowadays, the value of real estate in Mudanjiang has increased significantly. There are many real estate properties in Mudanjiang, big and small, and they are currently on sale…

Yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee has optimized the city's housing and urban-rural construction committee to optimize the city's house-buying qualification review mechanism to deepen the reform of "decentralization, regulation and service" to facilitate people's handling of affairs.

As of August 28, E-House Research Institute monitored the transaction volume of second-hand housing in 13 cities in August to 64,900 units, a month-on-month decrease of 18.2% and a year-on-year decrease of 9.8%. Data, the cooling trend of second-hand housing in 13 cities, the decision-making cycle of home buyers has changed…

On the evening of August 29, Seazen Holdings issued an announcement stating that the company’s subsidiaries have recently transferred the equity and creditor’s rights of six projects, with a total transaction price of 3.292 billion yuan, all in cash. 6 projects are located in Hefei, Zhangjiagang,…

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development was informed that from September 1 this year, self-transacted stock housing purchase qualification applications and house purchase qualification review will be implemented throughout the city, and house buyers can submit materials to the transaction service window in any district to apply for processing.

According to the WeChat official account of the Housing Fund Management Center of the Central State Organs, the People's Bank of China recently issued the "Announcement on the Adjustment of the Interest Rate of Commercial Personal Housing Loans".

On August 29, Joy City Holdings held the 2019 mid-term performance conference. Executive director Cao Ronggen, general manager Zhou Peng, and A-share chief accountant Xu Han attended the meeting and answered questions from reporters.

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